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ISSAI ARUVI” Song Competition.

ISSAI ARUVI” Song Competition.


Information for Participants of

“ISSAI ARUVI” Song Competition

1) Any residence of Australia can participate in the competition

2) The participation is open for any age and sex

3) Must be sing Tamil song only, with Shuruthi and Thallam

4) The contesters who are willing to participate, have to inform the songs they like to sing a week before the selection date 03-03-2018

5) The application fee for participating the Selection Contest is thirty Australian Dollars (AU$ 30) and it needs to be paid with the application

6) The selective competition starts on 10-03-2018

7) The final competition will take place on 12-05-2018 at the Music Concert for five of the selected competitors

8) Competitors are allowed to sing their favourite song at the beginning of the contest

9) The decision about the winners will be determined from the points system used by the judges and the votes given by the audience

10) The willing participants need to apply on or before 03-03-2018 with the following details

a) Full Name

b) Preferred Name (Option)

c) Address

d) Telephone Number

e) Email address

f) Preferred two songs to be sung at the selection day

11) The venue of both selection competition and final competition will be informed later to the participants

The co-ordinator for the Competitions:

C. Sri Nanthakumar – 0415 405 361 To apply for the participation in the competition: akkinikkunchu@hotmail.com Or

Yarl S Baskar 047 015 6818 Vichchu – 047 033 6126

Sri Nanthakumar – 041 540 5361 Ashok – 046 992 5114 Priyankan – 042 193 4675

bank details

a/c — name : 24realnews
b .s .b — –      ;063 234 
a / c — no — 10904383
savings — a /c
 bank — commonwealth

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